Chapter VA-E Team Leaders

Your E-Team leadership is a group of hard working individuals dedicated to making Battlefield Wings the place for fun, safe riding, and exceptional fellowship. If you have questions or concerns, contact us!

Member Position Member Name
Chapter Director Claude Revely
Assistant Chapter Director Gordon Combs
Chapter Treasurer Greg Kestner
Lead Ride Coordinator Lyle Schrumpf
Assistant Lead Ride Educator Larry Gray
Membership Enhancement Coordinator Karen Kestner
Motorist Awareness Coordinator Claude Revely/TBA
Triathlon Coordinator Gordon Combs
Triathlon Coordinator – Onsite Butch Groves
Chapter Couple James Antone & Lisa Bryant
Honorary Chapter Couples Dannie and Carole Hays*
Dan and Martha Jo Fritz
Tony and Sharon Poulakowski
Charlie and Ellen Smith
Frankie Chapman and Delores Brown
Gordon and Julie Combs

*In memoriam

Host and Welcome Coordinator Nancy Groves
Chapter Goodies Coordinator Gordon Combs
Correspondence Coordinator Rosa Seale
Chapter Photographer Sharon Poulakowski
Ride Coordinator Jeff Burke
Ride Coordinator Gordon Combs
Ride Coordinator Eddie Seale
Ride Coordinator Charlie Smith
Ride Coordinator Dan Fritz
Technical Coordinator Greg Kestner
Technical Coordinator Larry Gray
Newsletter Editor James Antone
50/50 Ticket Coordinator Cheryl Poulakowski
Webdude Rob Hardisty